Control Units

The Tracer Control Unit

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8 or 16 zone with GSM, and allows for the use of both wired and wirefree detector technologies. This provides the client with a choice of remotely controlled zones and keypad programmable zones. Each zone can have up to thirteen (13) different functions assigned to it.

Homeguard 32

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The Homeguard is a compact portable alarm with up to 5 day battery life. The setup of the Homeguard 32 is quick and easy with the self learning feature of wireless detectors. The Homeguard 32 is compatible with a wide range of wireless detectors; these include indoor & outdoor motion sensors, smoke detectors, door contacts, panic and remote controls. Our Roboguard detectors can also be connected to this unit. The unit transmits and can therefore be connected via a wire-free link to the Tracer Alarm Control Unit, for Armed response.

M6 Tracer Control Unit

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Our budget system. Also with GSM functionality.

Roboguard Alarm Interface

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Wired 4CH control unit for the Roboguard Detectors. Allows inclusion of the outdoor detectors in your home alarm system.

TAS-TAS Alarm System

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The Tas-Tas is used in situations where a quick temporary alarm system is needed. The rugged, lockable metal enclosure may be deployed in the center of the room or area to be monitored.
The Tas-Tas has 3 built-in motion sensors to detect any movement around the system as well as a tamper switch to detect if the box has been lifted. All these conditions will cause it to transmit via the (UHF or VHF) radio or GSM to a control room.

Roboguard Mobile HQ

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Can be paired with up to 8 Roboguard Detectors.

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