Analogue CCTV users can now enjoy HD resolution while safeguarding their investment in existing cabling infrastructure with Hikvision’s launch of its Turbo HD Analogue solution. The Hikvision Turbo HD product family is based on HDTVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) technology and is ideally suited to upgrading existing standard definition systems at low cost. It retains the ease-of-use of an Analogue system while offering up to 1080P HD video output. This revolutionary technology supports latency-free 1080P HD over up to 500 metres of coaxial cable and offers seamless compatibility with traditional SD cameras, Hikvision IP cameras and HDTVI-compliant cameras and DVRs.

Hikvision Digital Technology is one of the world's leading suppliers in video surveillance products. With the largest R&D department of any CCTV manufacturer, Hikvision supplies high quality products on the heels of only the latest technology. Specialising in ease-of-use and offering a wide range of software and device compatibility, this brand of CCTV equipment is our first choice for you.

As Hikvision upgrades its products on a regular basis, please contact us for the latest in CCTV Technology best suited to your specific needs.